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Natural, Playful and Creative Learning

Our Philosophy


The Language Garden offers an immersive German-speaking environment in a warm and positive home-from-home setting.

We nurture and value a child’s language development through a holistic approach to learning. Young children learn naturally through play and exploration. We therefore create spaces for them to joyfully discover their world and their unique place in it. Our days follow a relaxed, but consistent rhythm, balancing child-led and teacher-led activities.

We embrace the most recent research-based knowledge in early childhood education. Our materials and methods are carefully designed to meet every child’s learning journey.  

Our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed specifically for children aged 3- to 5-years-old. For a few weeks at a time, we focus on a specific topic or a theme, around which we centre our structured activities. These might include storytelling, reading, singing, art projects, music and movement, nature expedition, cooking and baking, and the celebration of traditional German festivals, customs and culture.

Our Values

Underpinning all we do at the Language Garden are the three pillars of Community, Nature and Creativity.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. “

                                        Albert Einstein


The Language Garden brings together a community of families who wish to experience bilingualism in a natural way and build friendships with fellow German speakers. It’s like having a German village right here in Sussex!

We have lots of fun together outside kindergarten hours too. Every term, we organise a special get-together, such as a beautiful countryside ramble, a magical Easter Egg hunt, or an enchanting night-time lantern walk. Families also often arrange playdates for children with their German-speaking friends and the children build valuable friendships that will last for many years to come.


Young children thrive outdoors and at the Language Garden we love to explore the natural world. A strong connection to nature helps children build confidence, independence and physical health, and of course, a love and respect for animals and our environment.

Our curriculum follows the seasons and we encourage outdoor activity in all types of weather. Our garden inspires imagination, exercise and fun.  Children play in the wooden cabin, dig in the sand pit, water the vegetable patch, balance on logs, examine insects, and much more. We also spend time exploring the beautiful nearby woods, racing around one of the neighbouring fields and feeding ducks at the pond.


At the Language Garden, we embrace creativity in all its forms. Curiosity and imagination fuel a child’s desire to create, so we let their interests lead them to explore their own self-expression. We also set up project-based activities that spark imagination by introducing children to natural materials and a variety of media.

We do all types of creative activities, including crafts, painting, singing, percussion and physical movement. These all help children develop an appreciation for the arts, nature, music and their own bodies.

As we work together – making, building, cutting, painting – there’s a lot to talk about, giving us many opportunities to practice our German.

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