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Why German Language Immersion?


What parents say

"As a typical Brit who started learning German at school as a teenager, I wanted to give my son as much exposure to a different language and culture as early as possible. The Language Garden provides the perfect setting to do so. The children learn German through fun activities and play and there is a relaxed environment.

My son loves going and particularly enjoys the outdoor country walks and learning German songs."

                                                                                    Mum of Language Garden child

"The benefits of being bi/multi-lingual are well known, plus it's really fun that me and my son have our own special language to communicate in! Children really are sponges and it amazes me, (despite him not being from a German background) how much his German language skills have developed in a short period of time. The children also experience German culture and different festivities, e.g. the lantern walk and German Carnival!           If you are a non-native German speaker or someone who just wants your child to experience something a little bit different, then I'd wholeheartedly recommend the Language Garden...what have you got to lose!"

                                                                                       Dad of Language Garden child

"We can’t wait for our third one to be ready to go.

Language garden is a wonderful place for kids.

Beautifully set up, caring people, lots of inspiring activities, plenty of outdoors time and last but not least a family feel!"


Mum of Language Garden child

"My daughter joined The Language Garden 2 months ago and absolutely loves it. She loves the fact that there are other children just like her who are able to speak German as well as English. Her "Wortschatz" has improved with every day she has spent there.

She felt incredibly comfortable right from the word 'go', so we basically skipped the 'settling in' phase all together. Staff are warm and friendly and make a point of taking the children for a walk etc regardless of the weather (unless obviously it's pouring down). Living in the city, she definitely benefits from being outdoors in the beautiful countryside surrounding the Language Garden. The commute from Hove to Falmer is also so much easier than anticipated. I can only recommend this wonderful Kindergarten."

                                                                                       Mum of Language Garden child

"Our son loves coming to the Language Garden or 'Strandzwerge' as we still like to call it. He looks forward to it as his kindergarden highlight of the week. His German really benefits from going to the Language Garden on a regular basis and it's also really nice that he learns and practices German traditions such as 'Fasching', Nikolaus, and St. Martin. The staff are all lovely, friendly, engaged and enthusiastic. I'm so glad Language Garden is in Brighton and can highly recommend it."


Dad of Language Garden child

"Our 3 year old absolutely loves this place which has now also launched sessions for 3-5 year olds who are completely new to German. Kids pick up languages with such ease at this age and bilingual early years are a gift for life that also makes it easier to learn additional languages, and other things, in the future.

We are a half English/half Austrian family; when our son started sessions here, he was an anglophone chatterbox who said the odd German word. Since the end of his first term at Language Garden, he's been completely confident speaking German which has been an incredible gift to us and our family.

It's a beautiful and nurturing setting surrounded by the beautiful Sussex countryside. The kids spend lots of time outdoors in the woods, at the pond and on the fields, they help cook their healthy lunches, grow plants, ride bikes, bake, paint/craft, learn songs and games, hear stories and learn to collaborate well in a spacious, peaceful, and light-filled environment. Anja has a great and much loved team of teachers. It's just lovely seeing the kids' beaming, rosy-cheeked faces every time we pick them up at the gate.

We were initially worried about the fact it's in Falmer village, and if you're Brighton-based you do need a car or enough time for a longer commute by bus/train or bike. But it turned out to be a speedier commute than we thought by car and a welcome, regular dose of beautiful landscapes and fresh air."

                                                                                                                   Mum of Language Garden child

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